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Earth revolutions
and Cleanup of Space by the Creators
Jan. 14, 2017
Space info:
US dollar collapses at the end of Jan., 2017.
Financial crisis occurs.
US economy collapses.
New civil war occurs.
New American working people's revolution wins.
This leads to and those win.
But, extended protection of plutocratic tyranny by nation-capitalist regime of socialism is not allowed by the Creators.

The new American revolution must realize transition to the new society of everything gratuitous services in all fields of human life, following the Destiny of the Creators and planets' development law.
About 20,000 planets of advanced civilization forming the Galaxy Federation are suggesting such inevitability of Earthly development.

But, since the revolutions will not go along the great correct way, the General cleaning of Earth is underway. Next, the measures on disappearance of Earth and its invaders-dominators: planets of the Lizard and the Draco, together with about 20 thou. planets of evil and corrupt civilizations will be taken as the cleanup of our space by the Creators.
It's imminent at the end of Jan., 2017.
The disturbance by evil beings in the Space blocks control world of the Creators will be prevented by the Creators.

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