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Alert from the Creators:
US dollar will collapse soon
Massive cataclysms will bring collapse of USA
Claim of "Before It's News" on necessity of emigration is right 
Nov. 5, 2017  T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
   According to a notice from the Creators, the Earth exists in the border of the Galaxy cosmos, and was the exile planet from the ancient times. The 3-D planets and the 3-D Earth created by a evil being in the Creators' world - all of them are the evil worlds. 
   A notice from the Creators: Illuminati consisting of Rothschilds' clique and their stooges: Rockefellers' clique was swept away by the Creators in the end of May, 2017.
   The US dollar will collapse soon. Dollar will become mere empty figures.
   It will bring
 the worldwide financial crisis.
   Then, NY, SF and LA will collapse near due to the massive earthquakes from M9.2 to M10.
   Moreover, Yellowstone Supervolcano of 3 states scale in the US West and other 4 large
volcanoes will erupt, and volcanic ash accumulates over 7 m on all States of the US.
   Thereby, the US empire being the worldwide fort of plutocratic slave domination of Earthers will collapse. The "Before It's News" site stated: Emigrate While You Still Can ! That's right. 
   Meanwhile, on the planet Erra of the Pleiades occurred the revolution about 50000 yrs ago. Then, exiled criminal humanoids have come flying to Iraq and Britain island through the planet Nibiru, and they created the new slave society with gene manipulation of Earthers. They were so-called Sumerian civilization and ancient Anglo-Saxons' British and later American civilizations.  
   In our times, the Earth and about 20000 planets of evil and corrupt civilizations will be swept away by the Creators near, and they will transit to new 5-D planets from the corrent 3-D.
   On 5-D planets there are humanoids having the light bodies with 12 DNAs, and they live on cosmic energy from the Creators. There are no illness and no crimes. Their life span is about 2000 years. They can create and vanish small objects, as a indian Sai Baba once created a wrist watch of Seiko brand made in Japan and a rice bowl in a Japanese TV image.     
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